Bruce Haapalainen, Senior Minister

Bruce Haapalainen_DS_MED

As Senior Minister my primary purpose is to be an encourager, both of the discouraged and those who are in a position to encourage others.

I encourage the church to spend itself extravagantly in love for those inside and outside of our faith family. I encourage imperfect people (with myself at the top of the list) to grow in faith and action by following a perfect God. I preach, teach and dream with the intention of maximizing the number of hearts that are touched and the number of hands that are used to help.

Deana Vail, Administrative Assistant

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Dee keeps the business of the church running smoothly by providing receptionist, secretarial and administrative services. As Administrative Assistant, she also oversees the activities of the out-sourced building services.  


Tara Briner, Organist/Pianist

Organist Picture DS

Tara accompanies the choir and serves as our organist. She is orginally from Georgia where she worked as a Ballet Accompanist and Church Musician.  In addition to playing for University and Dance Academies, Tara worked in Episcopal, Community Methodist and Presbyterian Churches. In her own words, Tara describes being a church musician this way, "The delightful work of being a musician is a blessing in itself, one that I appreciate greatly.  Music can be comforting, expressive, or jubilant.  It is the universal language, and I believe it's one of God's languages." 

Sarah Ramos, Director of Children's Ministry


Sarah’s role as the Director of Children's Ministry is to organize, teach and oversee the preschool – 5th graders. She enjoys encouraging the children to make friends while studying the teachings of Jesus and the word of God. Sarah is grateful for the wonderful families who volunteer every week and bring their children to church and Sunday School. She welcomes all to join us as we grow our faith by leaps and bounds, proclaim the word of God, and serve God’s people every week.

Kim Stover, Financial Secretary


The Financial Secretary, under the direction of the Finance Committee, is responsible for all financial duties and reporting of the church including contributions/pledges, accounts payable, budgeting and payroll. Kim has a background in accounting and specifically in Church financial management.   

Jon Hall, Maintenance Director


Jon, with the assistance of volunteers and outsourced vendors, maintains the facility. From painting to mechanical fixes, Jon is a master of many trades and keeps the campus in tip top shape.     

Larry Scott, Custodial Services

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Church Custodian Larry Scott is responsible for keeping our church clean, which is a big and important job! In addition, Larry is responsible for setting up rooms for whatever event might be taking place there. This includes everything from setting up for small meetings to preparing for congregational meetings and dinners.