Opportunities to socialize, learn, and generally enjoy people with common interests.

           Library and Book Club

The First Congregational Church has a large lending library.  Books may be signed out at any time.  New books are acquired through donations as well as purchased with funds from the church budget.  This ensures that the library remains current and interesting. The Book Club meets in the library on the third Monday of each month.  A slate of books is chosen annually by club members.  It is open to all who are interested; for more information, contact the church office at 419-756-3046.


            Bridge Club

The Bridge Club is a social gathering of individuals interested in good conversation and challenging card games.  It meets at the church, usually in the parlor. Interested persons should contact the church office at 419-756-3046 for dates and times.  The group is open to all who would like to spend an enjoyable morning or afternoon with other bridge enthusiasts.


            Church Life CommitteeHemlock Service_DS_200

Church Life plans some the Thanksgiving Eve Service and the Hemlock Trails Service in August.  It also plans social activities such as sponsored trips for baseball, soccer; etc.



            Dinner Groups

Dinner groups generally meet monthly for socializing at one of the member’s homes.  The group rotates locations and has varying arrangements for participation in preparing salads, dinners, and desserts.  Church membership is not required.  Congregationalists are known to be good cooks and entertainers, so we hope you will join in the fun.


            Garden Group

The Garden Group focuses on the garden beds and shrubs on the Church property.  Work days are scheduled during the summer months and participation is open to anyone interested in minimal but satisfying work cleaning up the property by weeding, spreading mulch, planting flowers, and trimming shrubs.  A green thumb is not necessary. Historically, participants select their own areas to maintain 


            Hemlock Trails Maintenance Group

Hemlock Service_200


The First Congregational Church owns 60 acres of wooded property abutting the Mohican Valley Park which is used for outdoor church services and is available for members to use with their families. The facility includes an outdoor fireplace in the pavilion, two rustic cabins and restroom facilities.  Also featured at this location is Hemlock Falls, a beautiful waterfall which has been revered since the days of Native American inhabitants.  Trails run to the waterfall and are available for walking and hiking. 





A number of members are involved in spring clean-up efforts, such as mowing the grass, clearing the trails and sprucing up the area; a small group maintains the property after the clean up so that Church members can enjoy the wonderful outdoors during the warmer season.  Those interested in volunteering or in reserving the facility for personal and family outings should call the Church office at 419-756-3046.



            In - “SPIRED” Gathering

This social group meets every fourth Thursday at the Church in Blymyer Hall to learn about the community and share a light meal while socializing.  Participants hear exciting speakers from our community and beyond in order to have a rich learning experience.  A nominal fee is usually collected to off-set the cost of the meal.  The group is open to all who are interested.  Reservations must be made by calling Ellen Eckert in the Church office at 419-756-3046.


            Men’s Breakfast

Mens Breakfast_DS_200

The men’s group meets in the Plymouth Lounge from 7:30 to 9:00 each Wednesday morning for a light breakfast Mens_Breakfast_DS_200(coffee, donuts and juice) and conversation.

Participation is not limited to church members.  No preparation is required, just good fellowship and sharing of ideas around the breakfast table.  Diverse participation is encouraged and unlimited subject matter is pursued…an old-fashioned “bull session” with an exchange of thoughts, views, ideas, and beliefs. Participation may even change how you think about your own thinking as personal dogmas may be challenged!  No reservation required…just come.



             Men’s G.I.G. (Guys Investigating God)

This men’s group discusses current issues and selected books weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at the Church (usually in the library).  It provides a safe place for men to share their thoughts and provides opportunities for men to examine their faith with other men.  Participants purchase their own books for the topic of discussion.  This group is open to all men who may be interested.  Contact Bruce through the Church office at 419-756-3046 or by emailing Bruce at bruce@mansfieldfcc.com.



            Ladies G.I.G. (Gals Investigating God)

This ladies group meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at the church (usually in the parlor).  The purpose of the gathering is to encourage each participant in her own unique walk with Christ.  The group explores a rotation of popular Bible studies for women, usually DVD-driven and requiring a workbook.  Participants purchase their own books for the topic of discussion.




The Hospitality group guarantees that every person who comes through the doors of the Church finds a friendly welcome and a place to meet God and his people in his house.  It is the Hospitality group's intention to greet everyone with open arms and hearts as instructed by Jesus Christ.



            Course In Miracles

This course led by Ann Kania, is an open discussion that helps members with “right” thinking and in discovering how their love is blocked from reaching out to the world.  The group meets weekly on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am in the church library.  If interested in participating, call Ann at 419-756-4911.


            Monday Morning Bible Study



This Bible study group meets at the church on Monday mornings at 10:00 am.  Its purpose is to study the Bible and to understand its message. The coming year’s focus will be to study Luke.  The class is led by Carol Kautz, an ordained minister, and is open to anyone interested in learning the deeper meaning of the words in the Bible.  Anyone interested in attending can “show up” or call Carol at 419-756-5802 for more information.



            Primrose Bible Study



This Bible study is an outreach program at the Primrose Retirement Center on Millsboro Road.  It is open to anyone interested and is well attended by, but not restricted to, the residents of Primrose.  The focus for the next year will be a study of the Gospel of Luke and Book of Acts.  This group meets weekly at Primrose Retirement Center on Mondays from 3:30 pm to 4:15 p.m. in the chapel.  The study is led by First Congregational Church Senior Minister, Bruce Haapalainen.  It is open to all denominations.  For more information call Bruce at 419-756-3046 or email him at bruce@mansfieldfcc.com.



            Rummage Sales

Rummage Sale_DS_200The purpose of the two annual rummage sales is to raise money for the projects funded by the Ladies League.  They are held every April and October in Blymyer Hall at the Church.  Rummage sale volunteers collect “previously owned” items from the congregation members, sort the items into “department” goods, price the items, and offer them for sale at the events.  Rummage sales are well attended by members of the Mansfield community and have become a tradition many look forward to.  This past year the sales raised over $6,000.  Interested participants should contact Carol Hall at 419-529-3845 or email her at caroljhall@emarqmail.com.


            Sunday Adult Study Group

Bible Study -Sunday_DS_200This group learns about Christianity and its role in our lives.  It meets Sunday morning from 9:15 – 10:15 in the “meeting room” on the lower level of the church, near the chapel.  The meetings include the study of Christianity from the Apostles to the Reformation through lectures and discussion.  It is open to all who may be interested and does not require any reservations or sign ups. Just show up and join in the conversation in the meeting room. To learn more about the coming calendar and meetings call the Church office at 419-756-3046.


            Women’s Retreat

Each year, the Ladies League sponsors a spiritual retreat for women which meets for one day in the late winter. Through lecture, quiet meditation, group activities, and group discussions, the participants have a chance to explore the unique challenges and qualities of women and to share experiences in a themed event.  The retreat is held at the church and utilizes most of the building during the day. Reservations are requested. Please call the Church office at 419-756-3046 or contact Ellen at ellen@mansfieldfcc.com.


            Youth Group

paintbal #2_DS_200


The Youth group is led by staff member Jennifer Tetrick.  Its purpose is to nurture the faith of our young people in a healthy and fun environment.  It is available for youth in grades 6-12. 

The Youth meet in the Mayflower Room on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 for snacks and Bible study.  The Youth Worship Service follows at 10:30 in the same location. The group participates in the annual NAPF Conference, and holds several fundraising events to help defray the cost of the trip.  In addition, the young people enjoy time together through social activities such as trips to Cedar Point, sports events, and concerts.  The youth group also holds several retreats and lock-ins throughout the year.   For more information or to get involved, contact Jennifer at the Church office, 419-756-3046 or email her at jennifer@mansfieldfcc.com.

            The Spire Mailing Group



This is a volunteer group which meets weekly on Wednesday at 10:00 am in the church library to prepare the weekly periodical newsletter and mailers for delivery to members of the congregation.  It is a group of fun-loving people who together accomplish a necessary task with little overall effort and lots of camaraderie. Contact Dee at the Church office at 419-756-3046 for more information.